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How To Change Microsoft Office 2013 theme / color scheme

If or when you have installed the new Microsoft Office 2013, an individual might have noticed exactly how fluid the brand new user interface is. Everything is neatly animated and simply flows with your work. Office 2013 has a sleek and comfortable look as thousands of user reviews and there is no doubt that it has great features that help a lot specially user interface, this is great and looks like Windows 8. So there is no much need to make any customization as default are good but as it is said that everything is not perfect and everyone has its own taste and likes as well. So surely someone might like to change microsoft office 2013 theme or color scheme to suit according to his/her needs.

There is no difficulty for Windows 8 users to work with this theme as everything is matching and suited with Windows 8 interface. However if are upgrading to Office 2013 from Office 2007 or Office 2010, an individual might identify the interface a chunk too bright / bland for your taste. White is the primary base colors for Office 2013 with subtle shades at some places. Luckily if you prefer to use Office 2013 in darker themes, Microsoft has placed some sort of possibility to change the Office 2013 theme / color scheme.

change microsoft office 2013 theme

Changing the Microsoft Office 2013 theme:

Follow these steps to Change Microsoft Office 2013 theme or color scheme:

  1. Click on File button at the top left corner.
  2. Then click on Account.
  3. You are able to see a Office Theme setting on the left side. Three options are available – White default), Light Gray & Dark Gray. Choose the one you wish.

ms office 2013 change theme


The changes are immediately placed on to the Office 2013 theme.

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  1. White, light gray and dark gray do not count as colors. If you have any clout with Microsoft, please ask them to add some new themes with real contrast, and hopefully, with some real color as well.

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