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Remove Deactivated Profiles from Your Friends List in Facebook

Facebook is known to be one of largest social networks in current era. Yet it is not flawless as nothing in this world is perfect except those that are created by God. The Facebook developers are always doing their best to improve it. No doubt they do, but everything is not suitable for everyone. In the same way, the changes made by developers can cause problems for users. Some changes were Timeline, then the ticker and the feature that enabled people to be added in any group without their prior consent. After that another problem happened to be faced by users that is How to remove those friends from your friend list who have deactivated their profile from Facebook? Though this does not seem to be a problem to care about much but it jumbles friend list and inflates the total number of friends in your list. Here we have a simple solution that help you to find and delete such profiles and make your friend list neat and clean :)

Find Deactivated Profiles

The first question arises that “How to find those ghost profiles?” Problem is solved when we know what the problem actually is.  Well, its quite easy. First, go to your own profile and see how many friends are nominated in your friend list. You will see that total number of friends mentioned and in list are not equal as it contains deleted or deactivated profiles. As we expect that Facebook should only display active profiles, but does not work so currently.

Remove Deactivated Profiles

Such type of deactivated profiles can be deleted easily after you find them out. Now question arises that how to find deactivated Facebook profiles? There are several ways. Deactivated profiles have no pictures but only default avatar. Another way to recognize such profiles is that when you hover cursor over them, nothing will happen (i.e. no pop ups as on active profiles).

How to find deactivated Facebook Profiles

How to find deactivated Facebook Profiles

Once you find them, just click on them. You will see a message saying something like that “This account has been deactivated. Only you can see buddy on your friends list. You have the option to unfriend buddy”. Here buddy is supposed to be name of deleted profile holder.

Account InActive Message

Account InActive Message

Just click “unfriend buddy”, confirm and that’s all. You have successfully removed inactive friend profile from your friend list.

Summary :

1- Click on deactivated profile in your friend list that you want to remove.

2- Click “unfriend buddy” when account inactive message box appears.

3- Confirm if necessary.

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