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Remove Microsoft Word [Compatibility Mode] Text Shown in Titlebar

Compatibility Mode” feature is developed to support those Word documents that are created using older version of Microsoft Word. It was introduced in Office 2007 and next ones. So whenever you open a document that was saved in older version of Office suite, the document’s title bar shows Word [Compatibility Mode] in the document Window.

Remove Compatibility Mode Text Word Titlebar

Well, we got this but it’s not the issue. The real problem is that the [Compatibility Mode] text is shown in all Word documents, either created in old or new version of Microsoft Word 2007, 2010 or 2013.

Remove Word [Compatibility Mode] Text

Lets fast forward to Solve this problem. Just follow the given steps:

1- Open Microsoft Word, Go to File Menu and Click on “Options“.

2- Go to “Save” tab and in “Save files in this format” section, select “Word Document(“.docx)” from drop down list.

3- Close and Restart Word and you’ll see [Compatibility Mode] text no more in Word 2013.

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One comment on “Remove Microsoft Word [Compatibility Mode] Text Shown in Titlebar

  1. This doesn’t work – next time you open a BLANK document, it comes with the same problem. Here is the solution that does work (it eliminates further [Compatibility Mode] appearance in all subsequent blank documents): 1. Open Normal.dotx (you should find it in C:\Users\\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Templates) 2. Save As it with the Compatibility Mode unchecked (and the type Macro-enabled Template) 3. Close Word and open it back, then open blank document – TADAAA: [Compatibility Mode] disappeared from Title While this will work on its own, I suggest using the original article suggestion in addition to this – they are inclusive…

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